Details Makes An Outfit

There is nothing better than finding a great outfit, when I go shopping I tend to pick clothes that have something special and that can be combined with other clothes easily. My older sister Rebekah has always had leather jackets in her wardrobe she was thirteen and bought her first leather jacket while I was still wearing Disney characters on my shirts.

The first photo reminds me a lot of her style because she has always had an edge to her style and the leather jacket with the feminine skirt add that certain edge. Studs are everywhere, but for those that are wanting to try studs out without having to purchase something completely studded this blouse is perfect for that because of the stud detailing on the hem of the sleeves also that knit sweater plus the blouse are a perfect combination. Sequence is my weakness I love it and will purchase pretty much anything that has sequence and the sequenced sleeves on the black top adds just the right touch of chicness. Peplum tops have been catching my eye and are on my next shopping trip list they are feminine and can be worn up or down a fine example of a casual peplum top is in the fourth photo where they are worn with distressed jeans I just love that while outfit. I am not one to shy away from color, when I was in elementary school you would be able to find me in the field instantly because I had neon colors every day of the week. This orange skirt adds just the right amount of color, and by paring the orange skirt with a darker green top the skirt isn’t competing for attention and it adds the focus to the gorgeous details of the skirt . 

photos via Pinterest