Her Universe Fashion Show 2015 - ComicCon

I had the opportunity to attend the, Her Universe, fashion show this past week that was held during the first day of Comic-Con.  It was the best geeky couture that I have seen, I was so excited to be able to see the fashion show because, Her Universe is a wonderful company.  The collection is an only woman clothing line designed from favorite nerd fandoms such as: Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, Transformers, Star Trek and Nerdist. They give young girls and women the chance to be themselves and to be fashionable with style. By partnering with, Hot Topic, Her Universe is able to distribute their collection and spread their message to all young girls and woman, “dream your world…be your world…flaunt your world”.

The show began with the founder of Her Universe, Ashley Eckstein, giving a statement of how it is acceptable for a girl to be a geek and what we should all express ourselves as we want without having limitations.  Throughout the show Ashley made three outfit changes, her gowns were beautiful and were made by the past winner Andrew Maclaine; my favorite gown was the Princess Leia gown but they were all fantastic.  The Black Widow gown to the Zujou No Haku gown were perfect inspirations and she looked gorgeous in all of them.

I enjoy seeing designer’s collections, but what I found was that the best thing about this show was that aspiring designers would have an opportunity of a lifetime.  At the end of the show there were two winners, one chosen from the judge’s and another would be chosen from the audience. They will be given the opportunity to work with Her Universe and Hot Topic.  All of the designers were amazing, they all had such attention to detail in every piece from the shoes to the headpieces they were very creative.  The design from Kristin Koga, which was inspired by Bob’s Burgers, had such an amazing detail that the buttons were small eyeballs!  Laurel Andrews who was inspired by Monster High, even had shoes that were perfect for her gown; she showed she had taken her love of Monster High to design her gown.

All of the designs were perfect and at the end when the audience had a chance to vote for their favorite outfit.  I had a hard time casting my vote, because they were all so great.  I would not envy the judges because they had a very hard job to do. While the Judges decided on who would win their vote they allowed guests in Cosplay that they had chosen to go on the runway and show everyone their own designs I thought this was such a great idea because everyone puts so much time and effort into their designs and to be able to share them with everyone is great. 

The very much-deserved winners were Kelly Cercone (Joker’s New Look – Batman) and Leetal Platt (Usagi’s Transformation – Sailor Moon) both of their designs were perfectly executed, very well thought of and beautifully inspired. I spoke with Kelly Cercone and she stated, “It will all sink in the next morning because I’m still in shock”.

I can’t wait for the next Her Universe Fashion show; it was fantastic and a great opportunity for aspiring designers, to show their work. Thank you Her Universe for allowing me to go, and be a part of such an inspiring night. Keep an eye out on your local Hot Topic store because they will be having amazing pieces from Her Universe very soon. 



Designers : 

Jessica Gonzalez - Cutie Makes Her Mark - My Little Pony 

Kathryn Henzler - Fanciful Flight - Howl's Moving Castle 

Jennifer Newman - Unicorn in the Waves - The Last unicorn 

Lauren Andrews - Party Like a Monster - Monster High 

Emily Ong - She is Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy 

Kristin Koga - The Greek Couture Burger ( Comes with tzatziki sauce ) - Bob's Burger

Harmony Leiker - Cocktails at the end of line - Tron Legacy 

Kristin Siedow - Thompson - The Empire Style's Back!  - Star Wars 

Laura E. Desch - The Silver Lady - Star Trek, The Original Series 

Adria Sanchez - Chaidez - It's Bigger on the Inside - TARDIS, Doctor Who 

Tara Reich - That's No Moon - Death Star, Star Wars 

Ericka Angiuli - Lady of the wall - Game of Thrones 

Daisy Evans - Assassin's Elegance - Assassin's Creed

Sam Skyler - Baymax and Armored Baymax - Big Hero 6 

Lindsay Hamilton - Spider-Gwen - Spider-Gwen 

Sarah Henzler - Fashion Detected - Green Lantern: The Animated Series 

Erica Williams - Rise from Fire - Khaleesi, Game of Thrones 

Hannah Kent - Runway Ready Ripley - The Alien Franchise 

Amy Scott - I am the Bad Wolf - Rose Tyler, Doctor Who 

Leetal Platt - Usagi's Transformation - Sailor Moon 

Kelly Cercone - Joker's New Look - Batman 

Laura Ortiz - Bone Daddy - The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Oseas Villatoro - Poison Ivy Green Love - Poison Ivy, Batman 

Belinda Mendoza - A night out with Harley - Harley Quinn, Batman 

Jesse Thaxton - Alien Queen - Aliens 

                                                      Princess Leia "Jedi Reborn" 

                                                     Black Widow "The Operative" 

                                   Guest Hosts Jennifer Tisdale and Heath Hyche 

                                                             Zujou No Haku 

       The two winners of the night Leetal Platt and Kelly Cercone