I am always trying new polish brands, but the brand that I was most surprised with was Wet n Wild. These are my favorite colors that I have been wearing a lot lately; Tropicalia (Pink), Break The Ice (White), I Red a Good Book/Ballon Rouge (Red). They have some many great colors to choose from and their Megalast colors really do last a very long time. I always gravitate towards a red polish; I have so many red polishes. With this red polish I can wear it for more than a week and not have a chip and this is with all the mega last polishes that I own.

All of these colors are perfect for summer especially the white with a summer tan, it really is a nice white that is pearlescent color. The pink is a great color for a nice summer day at the beach or any other day for that matter. Wet n Wild has so many other colors to choose from, after the great success that I had with their polishes I went and got so many other colors. With the Megalast colors I only apply two coats (three for the break the ice color) and I get the color that I want, but what I was so surprised with and the best part is the price. It is only 1.99 Walgreens & CVS, 1.68 Wal-Mart, 1.69 at Target so you can only imagine I went a little crazy and bought quite a lot of polishes. Is there another nail polish brand that you like? Or is there a color from Wet n Wild that is your favorite?