Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

The other day it was such a gorgeous day that Erik and I decided to go on a hike, I love hiking because I would rather hike than walk on a treadmill. We went to

the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve;

the sky was a gorgeous blue color without a cloud in sight. It was great to walk and explore new areas that we hadn’t been to before. We go hiking a lot but not very often to this area because it is a little bit farther for us, but every time we go we try to take a different trail and go as far as we can. All of the people that we would see on the trails were so friendly and that’s also one of my favorite things about hiking, that when you see someone they are always friendly and want to know how your hike has been so far. I highly suggest going on a hike even if it is a small one, and if there’s an ecological reserve nearby check it out I promise you won’t be disappointed.