College School Essentials

I had my first day back at school and it was a whirlwind, but I loved it. I didn’t want to make this post until after my first week so that I made sure that what I posted would be in actuality what I really used. I’m not posting my electronics because everyone might have different preferences (I used my iPad, MacBook Pro, and iPhone).

The most important thing is my backpack I bought this one because Herschel is a great brand with great products the quality is magnificent it has everything that I need this is the

Pop Quiz' Backpack

and I love it!

I had been using my Jansport backpack, which I also love but I’ve been using that one for a different purpose so I decided I needed a new backpack. 

I have different colored pens because while I take notes I like to color categorize and it helps me memorize better and also a normal blue pen. Post-it notes, which are great for notes or reminders, also Post-it flags are a must to not lose your place in your notes to know where the most important parts are or for a quick bookmark. I always have my extra battery charger, which can be used for my phone or iPad but mostly for my phone. I don’t really use makeup for school but I always have my 

NiveaLip Butter

. A small note book because when I don’t want to take my binder out (which I didn’t include in the picture but it is crucial to have one) I take my notebook and write quick ideas or a small to do list.

Now in my opinion of all the stationary the most important thing and something that I cant live without is my 

Gallery Leather

 planner I get one every year (I’ve used planners since fifth grade) and its for school and personal events or things I need to do. It is so important to stay organized; I am old school and would rather have a planner than use my phone calendar although sometimes I do use it.  

Next is my 

Brita bottle

 I also have a 


 water bottle but I tend to use that more for working out. The Brita bottle is great because my school has water bottle refill stations and it is so important to keep hydrated, next is my 

BuiltRambler Lunch Bag

. I use it for snacks and my lunch because it can get pretty costly to buy food everyday, this one is great because it fits a lot of food and snacks and once its empty it wont take a lot of space. Its also so easy to wash I also have a blue one if I have things that need an ice pack so I like to keep those separate.

Last but not least is a good 


, I cant go anywhere without my hat its always in my handbag or car just in case I will need it and boy have I needed it since it has been so sunny and its important to protect ones skin. I hope everyone has a great school year!