San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Erik and I went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and it was fantastic the weather was wonderful and it was basically empty. I wore one of my Barcelona jerseys but this one is very special because it was a birthday gift from Erik he had it customized, it has my favorite number and my last name on the back. I also wore my Nike free shoes they are so comfortable, jeans and my San Diego hat because it was very sunny and it’s so important to protect ones skin. There weren’t that many people since kids have gone back to school and it was during the week.  So we were able to do everything and not have to wait in lines or be in large crowds.

When entering the park you are greeted by the flamingos, which are one of my favorite animals, they are just so pretty they were being fed so they were very active.

The views of the park are breathtaking and the Balloon Walk balloon is just so breathtaking in person. The first thing that we did was go on the Africa Tram in the African Outpost, the line can get pretty long but we didn’t even have to wait in line we walked straight to our seats. I love going on the tram because you get to go around the animal exhibits and learn about the animals and how they are helping to conserve the wild life and they also talk about ways that we can help to conserve wildlife.

All of the staff around the park are so friendly and are so helpful if you have any questions, the keepers were also always asking if we had any questions and would talk about their animals the cheetah keepers were outside talking about the cheetah and it was amazing to see it so close and how his best friend is a lovely dog. We were lucky to see when they were giving a snack to the lions and they picked up such a huge bone with such grace that you would think that it was as light as a feather. The Gorillas were also so active the two little ones kept running around and wrestling with each other.

The elephants were going to be fed so they were all out and walking towards their food they are such gorgeous animals.

Part of the fun of the zoo is being able to interact with the animals and the Lorikeet Landing in Nairobi Village is a great way to do that.

The cost is very low to be able to feed them nectar, and if you don’t want to do that you can simply just walk in and see them. They have added more Lorikeets so it’s impossible to not see one and they are usually some by the rail waiting for someone with nectar.

He is a Real Madrid fan, we got some fun comments at the park from our jerseys.

What we were looking forward to see was the new

Tiger Trail

right from the beginning it was great the entrance is so pretty surrounded by a bamboo pathway with a tiger statue at the end. The tigers are close so we could see them very clearly and the gift shop was very well stocked of Tiger Trail souvenirs. They have a great waterfall with benches underneath it so its nice and cool, I love going to the

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

and it was such a relaxing day I definitely recommend checking it out if your ever in the area.

A map of the park