My Week

Erik and I went on a drive the other day to run an errand and we decided to make a day of it, so he wanted to know if my parents wanted to come along for the ride. We had a very nice time, sight seeing and talking as we drove in our mini road trip. The views were so lovely, I love seeing animals such as horses and cows and beautiful landscapes with such a gorgeous blue sky it was pretty chilly so it was lovely fall weather. As we were driving we could see a lot of cool sculptures such as these horses and the dinosaur and people would pull over and take pictures.

One of my sisters had her birthday and we celebrated her and had such great food from breakfast till dinner everything was delicious. These were my favorite flowers that she received.

For my lunch break from school I went to The Old Spaghetti Factory with my sister and we had a lovely lunch. We hadn’t been there before so we decided to give it a try since the line was pretty long to enter so we decided it must be good. The décor was very different and I loved how they had a trolley inside we got a booth facing it and it was really cool. The food was also good we both had a salad, and spaghetti and meatballs with a sauce made from scratch.

To finish it I have to include the stairs I have to go up and down at the library at my school since they are a crucial part of my week.

Hope every one has a great week