What Would I Wear - New Year

I wanted to create four looks that would be New Years appropriate, I also threw in two looks that would be my dream to wear. But you could recreate them as well as all the others if you wanted.

new years 2015

I wanted to make a classic look but with certain key staples, this look would be great to bring in the New Year it has all the classics red lip, cat eye, black pump. But what draws your attention is the detail in the dress and the handbag, which will make sure you shine all night.

New Year 2015

I love dressing up for new years but I tend to go for the casual side most of the time, which is why I chose to make a look with pants, flats and a nice top. I like to e comfortable and be able to not have to worry about anything so this is a good option when your going to a party with family or friends and want to be festive but comfortable which can still look good.

New Year 2015

These shoes and handbag have been on my radar all year so I had to create a look specifically for them. They are all by Valentino and they are just gorgeous I added the rockstud flats as well as the

rockstud slingback pumps, which are both so gorgeous. The accessories are simple as well as the nail color because the shoes and handbag are stars of the show on this look.

new year 2015

Now this is my new years movie look, I feel like an actress could possibly wear this look in a movie role the dress is a vibrant red with the perfect touch of lace the shoes don’t take away from the dress but complement it perfectly as well as standing. The nails are pretty but don’t distract from the dress, and for the lips I chose a Sephora lip butter as to not clash with the dress and a perfect smokey eye to pull everything together as well as gorgeous earrings to frame the face.

New Years 2015

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