Snow in Southern California New Years Eve

Yesterday was New Year's Eve and it was quite special because we got snow in my hometown. We haven’t gotten snow in a very long time; my sisters and I were impatiently waiting all day for it because we had seen there was a possibility that it could snow. Since no one had to go to work the next day we decided to make it a movie night, and stay up just watch movies and then we saw snow falling outside our window. It was marvelous we ran outside and just watched as the snow fell and took photos, we decided to go to bed and wake up early but my parents woke up before any of us and woke us up with much excitement for all of us to go out and play in the snow. 

We were in our front yard but then decided to go out and see where else there was snow so we jumped in the car and headed to where there was more snow and it did not disappoint. It was so marvelous seeing snow where it’s usually so green. Later on other families arrived with their kids and boogie boards to slide on the snow with and their dogs looking very confused to as to what they were walking on. Many families were taking family photos and everyone was in such a wonderful mood once we got home we had some hot chocolate and relaxed before going out again. It was such a wonderful time, for New Years Eve night I spent it with Erik’s family to bring in the New Year we had delicious food and it was a great time. I hope everyone has a fantastic new year and that it brings much happiness, joy and love to everyone.