3 New Years Resolution Tips

New Years 2015

I don’t really make new years resolutions because I think one can start to live differently whenever they choose. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the beginning of a new year, so this blog post isn’t about ideas for resolutions but an idea that might help to keep resolutions and a new resolution idea. Many resolutions are to lose weight or to travel more or even to be more productive and not procrastinate as much (that’s usually mine) here are three tips for your resolution.

1. Take it week by week

If ones resolution is to be healthy then one week you could say you’ll have more fruit and the next to drink more water and so on. So each week you’re doing something healthy and it’s not as drastic as saying I will not have anything that is unhealthy again. Which can result in ending of the resolution a bit faster, so just take it week by week and see how you do and if you break the resolution its ok next week you can start again.

2. Resolutions don’t have to be drastic

A resolution can be anything, so trying something new can be a new food that you haven’t had before or going on a weekend getaway. Even saying you’ll read a book that you have been meaning to make time for is a great resolution also trying a class such as painting, photography, yoga or anything that might interest you is a great way to try something new and get out of ones comfort zone.

3. Be Positive!

Try to not be to hard on yourself it’s easy to hold a very high standard for oneself, and when one doesn’t accomplish what they sought out to do it’s easy to be a tad bit negative. But it’s ok just be positive and know that it’s not the end of the world and learn from it to try and avoid either the temptation or to plan better so that you can accomplish what your goal is.

I hope this helps out anyone with a Resolution and let me know what you might do to keep your resolution.