Old Town San Diego - Whaley House

While at Old Town our main focus was to take a tour of the Whaley House Museum, we had to wait for it to be after five because that’s when the night tours start and we paid for the tour at 7pm which only one other couple was doing so that was nice because we were able to see everything without rushing and ask as many questions as we liked.

They allow photography but just no video or audio recording, the docent was so kind and she seemed very excited to share the story of the Whaley’s family and of the house.

They take you on a tour of the house and show you the rooms and tell you the story behind them and they still have some rooms with the original pieces that the Whaley’s had in their home.

There is so much history behind the Whaley house, and visitors can go and learn about not only the Whaley house but also San Diego.

As the tour was ending the docent told us that we should also visit the El Campo Cemetery. She also told us that as we walked to the cemetery to keep a look out on the sidewalk, and on the street for markers that have Grave Site on them and that is where there are graves of people who had no tombstones but the county of San Diego didn’t want to move them from their grave site. It was a very educational tour with so much history behind it, I would recommend it.