Old Town San Diego, California

Erik and I recently went to Old Town San Diego and we had a great time, our first stop was the San Diego Heritage Park. I really enjoyed visiting the heritage park because of all the beautifully restored Victorian homes. On the side of the Christian house there is a sign that leads to a trail, it is well worth it because the view is magnificent and it was such an easy trail. We love going on hikes and seeing that we were able to do a mini trail was great. At the end of the trail you finish with a great green field on the side of the houses. Everything from the heritage park is picture perfect.

Sherman-Gilbert House

Burton House

Bushyhead House

Christian House

San Diego Mormon Battalion Historic Site

We were taking pictures at the Mormon battalion historic site in the courtyard of the building, and they have a lovely wagon at the front when a lovely man came out and said if we wanted to go inside the wagon. We obviously said yes, and started taking more pictures and then he said they were about to have a presentation of the story of the Mormon battalion and we decided to stay. The sister missionaries were all so sweet and told the story of the Mormon battalion perfectly, we were able to travel back in time and see how hard the journey was for them. We were talking with the sister missionaries for some time just about their story and how they were doing on their mission it was a very nice experience.

Old Town San Diego Market 

The Old Town San Diego market is marvelous there is so much to see and I just love looking at all of the different souvenirs and artisan work. It is my favorite thing to do just go into shops and see so many pretty and amazing things. They had a lot of day of the dead items and they were so bright and colorful. The immaculate Catholic Church is so pretty, a true must see while in old town San Diego.

Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception