The Marvel Experience

One word for the Marvel Experience is awesome! Erik and I had been looking forward to go for some time and it seemed like the days were so long until it was our ticket day but the day finally arrived. I am so glad that we did not go opening weekend because there were hardly any people and we were able to truly do everything we wanted. I loved being able to get a S.H.I.E.L.D. ID Card and right after we got our ID card we were ready to go explore to find out what to do to next. 

One thing that made the experience even better was the staff they were so nice and helpful and they really made the whole thing great because you can tell that they were enjoying it just as much as we were and they would explain things and were just so willing to make sure we had a good time.

At the beginning as a new recruit on a mission to defeat Hydra and its army of evil Adaptoids they give you a bracelet (which I really liked and will be wearing it), and as you go you collect pins for your bracelet (or purchase them at the gift shop). You can fly as tony stark, be the hulk, climb a rock climbing wall like spider man, and many more activities it was a lot of fun. Everything is indoors in the state of the art domes there are seven domes that you can go into and each one has something different.

I loved the

360-degree; 3-D stereoscopic projection Dome and the 4-D motion ride, both were fantastic! They also had two tables by the food court that had comic covers and those were very nice to see as well as screens with everyone’s favorite super heroes. They had so many things to look at it was hard to know where to start they had an Adaptoid on display as well as Marvel memorabilia. They also had so many places to take great photos, I don’t want to give to many details about everything else because I really enjoyed going in not knowing what to expect, but it is truly a great experience.

Going into the gift shop one can see a poster of Stan Lee with a very sweet meaningful message, as well as congratulation poster from Agent Maria. We spent a very long time at the gift shop and I really like everything that we bought. It is so easy to lose track of time at the gift shop because there are so many cool things. We were there for quite some time just checking everything out and once again, the staff is so helpful and so kind that it makes everything that much better. I highly recommend going to The Marvel Experience we had a fantastic time!