Essie Nail Polish

I can’t wait for spring to start; it’s so lovely to see all of the flowers blooming and to wear bright nail polishes. I tend not to follow the rules of only wearing bright nail polish in summer or spring neutrals because I think it all depends on ones mood when choosing a color.

These nail polishes are my favorites especially the dark blue-black of after schoolboy blazer, I really like to wear darker polishes sometimes because they just goes with everything. When choosing nail polishes its hard for me to not choose corals or reds with pink or red undertones, and before I know it my shopping cart is full of colors that might look similar but are different at the same time such as geranium and peach daiquiri.

Geranium is a red orange color and peach daiquiri is peachy pink. I just love these two polishes they are such happy colors, not to mention Essie has great polishes. I am always washing my hands, and other nail polishes tend to chip easily. But with Essie I have noticed that my manicure lasts a lot longer, and that is something very important to me because I hate having chipped nails and not many polishes do that. If you need to buy some new colors I suggest picking one of these colors up, and if you have a favorite color or brand please let me know I always enjoy finding new polishes.