I went to the store the other day and I noticed that COVERGIRL had some lip-glosses that were very sparkly and had a rich color to them. I have somewhat strong pigment to my lips so I don’t usually wear drugstore lip products since I find that they don’t show up as much on my lips.

Covergirl says these Lip Lava lip-glosses are Colorlicious, and in the store all of the colors looked fantastic so I chose to buy Lychee Lava 810. From the images you can see the amount of glitter that is shown, and let me tell you that is no joke there is a lot of glitter personally, I like glitter but if glitter is not for you then I don’t know how much you’ll like this product.

But the benefit of having sparkle with the color is that it adds a great dimension, the color from the glitter showed up great on my lips but my natural pigment showed up more than the lip-gloss color. Which I already somewhat knew would happen with me, I would wear this lip lava as a top coat to a lipstick if I wanted to add color but by itself overall it is a good product.

I like how the applicator is a brush, which gives a better application process. But the product is a thick consistency so no more than two coats, for a good effect. I found if I did too many coats it would not look good and it would be to thick when I spoke. I did like this Lip Lava lip-gloss it was a nice consistency and I did like how the glitter had a nice color that would show up. If you’re someone that enjoys wearing lip-gloss with some glitter shine in it and want to try something new this could be something you might like.

Also the other Lip Lava lip-glosses were way more pigmented and had much stronger colors so theres something for everyone. Here is the link to the covergirl website so you can see the other Lip Lava lip-glosses.