Balboa Park in Spring - A Landscape of Arts and Culture

I went to Balboa Park with my family a while back, and every time that I go I just love it even more. Since it is spring it was lovely to see all the animals out, and the weather was gorgeous there were even small kids painting the scenery for an art class. In one of the photos you can see a mother duck with her little duckling, there were more but I just got on of them in the photo.

There were so many caterpillars by the botanical garden entrance, and butterflies that would stay still for everyone to see them. One of the marvelous things about Balboa is all the detail that everything has; from where to park bicycles to the gorgeous buildings everything is just beautiful.

Balboa Park is a must see destination, not only because of the awesome museums but also because it is so breathtaking, everywhere you turn there is a great photo opportunity. My family enjoyed taking photos and talking in front of the botanical garden and enjoying our time together as we walked and saw everything. 

The Spanish Village Art Center is also one of my favorite places to go to because I enjoy going into little shops and seeing all of the cool merchandise that they have available. If you’re ever in San Diego and want to go somewhere to relax or to see some awesome museums or take in the views then Balboa Park is the place to go. 

Every building is gorgeous !

My Sister loves Dr. Seuss 

Such amazing craftsmanship  

The Botanical Building built for the 1915-16 expo 

These little guys were in the front of the botanical building just chilling 

The mother duck with her ducklings (just one of them in the photo) 

There is so much detail in this sculpture it is amazing 

So many cute things to see at the Art Center 

Visiting Balboa Park is always great anytime of year