BloomCoco Turns 4

I Cant believe that it has been four years already since I started blogging, in my about me section I wrote that I started this blog as a creative outlet and personal diary and that is exactly what it has been.

It has become something that I really enjoy to do, there are times where my life is a bit crazy and I cant find time to blog but I’m ready and focused to get posts done. I really enjoy going through old posts and looking at what I have done in these last four years, I have grown so much and have been to so many amazing places and have accomplished many personal goals in my life.

It’s so nice to see my family involved with my blog, especially my parents because they are always offering blog posts ideas and are always so supportive of everything that I do. My sisters are also seeing how they can help; even when my sisters aren’t in town they always help me out on deciding things and I always like to know what they think.

Erik is by far the person that I talk constantly about my blog, and my ideas and any technical difficulties that I might have. He was actually the first person that I told that I wanted to start a blog, he has been such a motivator for everything that I tell him I want to do, not just blog related.

To be able to see so many lovely memories in my posts, I know that this is something that I want to continue to do. I will post regularly to keep this personal diary going and do beauty, fashion and a lot more home décor and food posts.

The things I need to work on is, when I start something for home décor or food I get so excited to start that I dive right in and forget to take pictures. Then I’m done and there’s no before of after to show or any food to photograph, so ill be posting more home décor and food.

I am excited for this new year of blogging and to see how it goes, I love being able to share the things I enjoy and what I have done. Lets see where this year takes BloomCoco!