Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015

Star Wars Celebration was amazing! Erik and I had bought our tickets the first day that they went on sale. We woke up early and had everything ready to make sure to get them, I have had a countdown on my phone since that day and finally on Saturday, April 18 it was the day we had waited for.

We arrived extra early, to make sure to get a good spot in line and even though we were there early so many people had our same idea. But the good part about being in a convention where everyone loves the same thing that you do is that the conversations with the people around you will always be good. 

While we were waiting in line, Anthony Daniels (C3PO) walked through the aisles and took pictures with some fans and I was able to take a picture of him! After that we knew that as the day went on it would just keep getting better. They finally let us in and the first stop we did was Funko, we both wanted some exclusive items and they only have a limited amount so we really wanted to buy some.

The good thing about waiting in line, is that you have plenty of time for a good conversation so that went by pretty fast. After Funko we decided to walk around and enjoy seeing everything, there were so many people in amazing Cosplay and with such attention to detail that it was jaw dropping. Seeing all the different Stormtroopers was cool and the also the brand new Stormtrooper from Star Wars Episode VII .

The recreation of the sets and of the characters were also amazing, the artwork was one of my favorite parts of the celebration. There are so many talented star wars fans and the works of art they made were magnificent. From the comic books to the canvases it was just awesome to see so much talent in one spot.

The droid builders room was also so cool to see, they all had who they were built by with what they were made and how long it took them to be built. And they were passing out a card as a momento of ones experience at the droid builders room. Also while walking around the room one could talk to the builders themselves and ask questions about their droids.

The Rancho Obi-Wan area was so cool! But what really caught my eye and what I just fell in love with was the Crayola set with the carved characters. I just thought that it was so perfect and detail oriented not to mention creative I just loved it!

If there is ever an opportunity that you can attend I highly recommend that you go because it is so much fun and there is so much to see that every minute of the day there is something that you can do.

So I'm wondering, Have you attended any of the star wars conventions? Would you want to go attend a star wars convention? 

Everyone at the convention had such great energy and were happy to be there.