SeaWorld San Diego

During my spring break week, my sisters and I decided to go out to Sea World. Sea World to me is an opportunity to see amazing animals, and to learn more about them. People can also learn about the responsibility of taking care of our ocean, and the animals that live in it.

Many times people don’t remember that our oceans have such wonderful creatures and going to Sea World reminds them of the beauty of the ocean. The weather was very nice when I went and although it was a bit cold in the early morning later in the day it was a perfect warm San Diego day. We were actually buying so many lemonade icee drinks because it got so hot and they are the perfect solution to cool down.

We saw all of the shows and walked all over the park enjoying the weather and the animals. It was a very nice day to just relax, and spend time with my sisters. We ended the day by riding the BaySide SkyRide, since it has such an awesome view and the people in their boats waved hello as we went by. 

The view from BaySide SkyRide