First Day In Barcelona, Spain

It was raining in California when Erik and I were in the airport waiting for our flight, but once we arrived at Barcelona the weather was fantastic. We didn’t lose anytime we automatically left our luggage and headed out to explore. We knew exactly where we wanted to go, and since we were very close to it we just had to walk a couple of minutes to reach the Maremagnum shopping center. We went into the stores and after we chose what we wanted for dinner we decided to go to el chipiron since the last time we were in Barcelona we really liked their Paella and it was what we were craving. We ate outside since the weather was so wonderful and enjoyed the great view from the restaurant. Since we were so tired from the flight and it was actually quite late we decided to call it a night.

The following day we knew exactly where we were going for breakfast, since the last time we left Barcelona the thing I missed the most was being able to go to the Mercat St. Josep La Boqueria. They have delicious food and the freshest juices one can ever have, they have so many different options that there’s no way of possibly just buying one. Not only that but they have so many vendors of candy (which are so cute), chocolates, seafood, butcher shops, juices, fruits and vegetables, bakeries, vegan food, and so many more vendors to see! You don’t have to spend the whole time eating there, just walking around La Boqueria is great because there are so many amazing things to see.

After walking around town and exploring new places of the city that we hadn’t seen yet, we decided to go to get gelato. There isn’t a better thing to do than to eat gelato, while walking around Barcelona in a warm sunny day. The gelato from Dino is simply delicious, we walked and enjoyed being able to not be on a time schedule and simply just relax and explore. We visited the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, and in front of the Cathedral they were having a festival. In one of the many booths I found one that was selling every type of cameras. We kept exploring in the gothic quarter since that was one of the areas we liked the most. The Negotische Bridge of Sighs in the gothic quarter is amazing to see in person. A barbed wire sculpture that we saw in the Plaza de San Miguel was interesting to see and it really captivated everyone's attention. The Palau De La Generalitat, is such a beautiful building and there are always so many people enjoying their day in that small plaza.  Barcelona has so many things to see and hidden gems in every corner.