Montserrat - Barcelona, Spain

I was so excited to go back to Montserrat; once the sun had risen I knew I was about to have a great hike and to see the most beautiful views of Catalunya. That wasn’t the only thing I was excited about; I couldn’t wait to go on the cable car to arrive to Montserrat. We took the train to the bottom of Montserrat Mountain and got off on the stop to take the cable car. The cable car was amazing! We were able to see such amazing views and going up to Montserrat and it was such an awesome experience since we didn’t do that the last time we went.  The weather was marvelous! So it was perfect for our hike up the Sant Jeroni trail.

We had previously done the Sant Jeroni trail; we had really enjoyed it so the main focus for us was to do the trail. We really like to go hiking so it was great! We had already done everything to do in Montserrat so we did the trail first. While going up the steps on the trail, I was blown away from the views and how clean the air is it is such a remarkable experience, seeing the church from the trail is breathtaking. We would have to stop to let the people going down get through since the path is pretty narrow, everyone is so nice and says hello. There were times that people were behind us and they would start a conversation but would stop at a lower part of the trail and we would continue to go up.

We reached the point where we had gone the last time we did the trail and decided to keep going because we wanted to see more of the great views. There are a lot of people that do the whole trail and are carrying all of their rock climbing gear, then they rock climb to the very top. We went up 810 and down 810 steps it was very nice to be able to know that we had beaten our old step score of 675 steps.

Once we were done with the hike we ate a delicious sandwich of jamon and drank a Fanta de Limón. We went to the church and before we headed in, we prayed in the middle of the small plaza where there is a circle and they say you are closer to go so he can hear your prayer better. It is a marvelous experience to visit Montserrat I highly recommend visiting and taking the hike of Sant Jeroni. The hike does take time so if it’s your first visit you can do it last, so you could see the church and the Virgin Mary (Virgin of Montserrat) before doing the hike because the line does get pretty long to see her. At the end of the day we lighted candles for our families which something I always do when there is an opportunity