Barceloneta Beach and Arc De Triomf (Barcelona, Spain)

After visiting, Montserrat the next day we decided to keep exploring Barcelona. We hadn't really gone to the beach so that was the first place we went to early in the morning. Since it was a beautiful day, we wanted to enjoy the sun.

The beach in Barcelona that we went to is the Barceloneta Beach; everyone is sunbathing and there is also a Gymnastics area, beach volleyball, beach tennis, table tennis for activities. There is also amazing sand castles being built by people who even include fire into their castles! There are also a lot of people exercising at the beach. We didn’t have a huge crowd when we went to the beach because warmer weather does make the beach get very crowded and it made is so much easier to truly enjoy it. There are a lot of bars to enjoy a cool drink and shops to rent surfing equipment or rent a bike.

The golden fish is one of my favorite structures it was designed by Frank Gehry's and it is named Peix it was built for the 1992 Olympics that were held at Barcelona. Underneath it there is a shopping center and a lovely fountain that one can enjoy the shade and relax under. It is also the end of Barceloneta and the beginning of Icaria Beach but I think Barceloneta is my favorite. We also saw the structure that I was looking forward to the most which is "Homenatge a la Barceloneta" the tower that looks like it could fall because the blocks are not centered is so interesting and once your in front of it is very different than everything around it. 

We didn't spend all day at the beach because we didn't want to miss one second of wondering around Barcelona and finding something new that would interest us.

What I find fascinating in Barcelona is the architecture that is the first thing that I notice. It never seizes to amaze me how beautiful everything is, I am always blown away from the beauty of everything. When we walked to the Arc De Triomf located at the Passeig Lluis Companys  there were so many tourists, but they all started to leave and we were able to take our time taking pictures. The Carvings on the Arc are magnificent and it is breathtaking how much detail and history is behind it.

TIP: To get to the Barceloneta Beach you can take the Metro [Yellow Line, L4] stop at "Barceloneta"  

TIP : To get to the Arc De Triomf you can take the Metro [Red Line, L1] stop at Arc De Triomf