Kale & Berry Smoothie with Coconut Water

I love to make smoothies but what I like even more is when I can add healthy greens into it.  This Kale and Berry smoothie is so simple to make and delicious! I include kale in my smoothies because it is so good for your body, but if you don’t really like kale don’t worry you wont even be able to taste it. You’ll even forget you ever put kale in the blender. here is what you will need for this smoothie.

·      5 Strawberries

·      2 sprigs of kale

·      10 blueberries

·      Coconut water (I fill it until it reaches the Max line)

·      Mint (for garnish)

It really is that simple, and on a hot summer day it really does cool you down. Adding the mint as a garnish gives it a pop of color and it makes it look pretty. I use a Magic Bullet to make my smoothies and it makes a world of difference. Enjoy!