Summer Hair Care


Summer Heat is still here and although some may say it's almost over, the heat is still in full force and can damage your hair. Having healthy luscious hair is always on the beauty list especially during summer! 

I'm sharing four simple steps to protect your hair from the damage that summer can cause. The main places that we all spend our time in during summer are the pool and the beach,  which can take a toll on your hair. 

 #1 I chose a hat as the number one item because it is the most important item, a hat not only protects your hair from sun damage. Which can cause weak hair by damaging the cuticle and the structure of your hair causing it to dry out which can result in split ends. A hat can also protect your skin, it is so important to protect your skin from the sun. with a wide hat you can protect your shoulders as well as your face not to mention your scalp which is so sensitive. Also if you color your hair the sun can make it fade faster, so wearing a hat can minimize color fading. 

#2 Is to not use heating tools or to use them minimally blow dryers, curling wands and hair straighteners can add extra heat to your hair causing even more damage. During summer the sun already damages your hair, so adding excess heat can really take a toll on your hair so the less heat you use the better. If you do use heating tools you can use a heat protectant, there are some that even have uv filters but don't forget once your hair gets wet at the pool or the ocean the product will be washed away. 

#3 is a hair mask, a hair mask helps give your hair some extra love to help restore it, such as adding more moisture. There are so many options for every hair type out there, be sure to check which hair mask is right for you. By reading the directions before you use it you can see if it is a mask that you would like to use since not all masks are applied the same. If you don't want to add it to your scalp that's ok, the bottom of your hair is very fragile and just adding it to your ends can help reduce split ends.  

#4 is from my favorite hair product brand Unite it is a leave in detangler & leave in conditioner you can purchase it at salons that carry Unite. By using a leave in conditioner or detangler you are giving extra protection and nourishment to your hair. But you don't have to purchase this specific brand of  detangler and leave in conditioner, you can purchase one that you might prefer to use and for your hair type needs. 

Do you have any summer hair care tips ?