Disneyland Park - Mickey's Halloween Party

The only thing better than going to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland, is going twice. My family and I have so many wonderful memories at Disneyland and since we all enjoy Halloween, and have such busy schedules going to Mickey’s Halloween party is the perfect way to spend family time together. 

We were thinking or where to go when the marching band passed by and just added even more excitement to the day. We went to Frontier Land and we all had our face painted near the Dia De Los Muertos area at Zocalo Park in Frontier Land. We had passed by the little kiosk but my mom and dad were looking at the options for face painting and we all ended up getting our face painted. 

There were no lines for any rides so we were enjoying that quite a lot. What we really enjoyed was the trick or treating, its so much fun to exit a ride and then get candy. My favorite treat were the dried apples they are delicious I am now addicted, and I would trade with my sister for something that she would want in order for me to get her dried apples. After we rode the Pirates of the Caribbean we went to take a picture of the club 33.

Our favorite Disney Ride, can you guess which one it is ? 

The other thing that I was looking forward to was having a Dole Whip float, which was delicious.  Everything is perfect at Mickey's Halloween Party from the decorations to the scarecrows characters that cause mischief and talk with the guests. To the small details, such as when your trick or treating and the cast members that are handing the candy interact with everyone. 

The firework show is so good; Disneyland in this time of year is perfect! One of our traditions at the end of our visit at Disneyland is to get our fortune from Esmeralda before we leave the park. We all have our fortunes from every Disneyland visit. I highly recommend going to Mickey’s Halloween Party you wont be disappointed. 

We had such an amazing time I am already looking forward to next years visit, you can see my post from last years Mickey's Halloween Party 2014  and a post from a couple of days ago when I went with Erik to Mickey's Party on October 13 Mickey's Halloween Party