Palm Springs Aerial Tram - Mount San Jacinto State Park

Mount San Jacinto State Park has been on our to do list for a very long time and we finally crossed it off! Erik had already been before when he was younger but it was my first time. We decided to go on a Friday, as it would be less crowded, we had been to Palm Springs earlier that week and the wait time was 3 hours long for the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up to the mountain, so we purchased our tickets online for Friday.

When Friday arrived we parked in Lot A and went on our way to the tram, the ride is ten minutes long but with so much to see as it does revolve you wont even feel the time passing by and you get a 360 view of the most amazing view.

Once we arrived at the mountain station we went directly to the State Park, there was fresh snow so we were very excited, we went down the path and I was immediate filled with joy at the sight of so much snow! There were paths that were made where it was easier to walk but if we went off of the paths our feet would completely sink. It was great with all of the snow sleds and snowman building as well as snow angels.

We lost track of time, we were outside for three hours until we started getting hungry and went in to eat at the restaurant in the Mountain station. The food was very good we both decided on something that would warm us up, Erik had the Chili and I had the clam chowder. It was nice and warm in the station and we just spent time talking until we decided to go back down to the snow.

We spent more time outside in the snow exploring and getting information from the ranger station for our future visits before deciding on heading back up to the station to buy the photo that they take of each visitor before entering the tramcar, after seeing both of the gift shops (One in the Valley Station and the other at the Mountain Station)

 We called it a day and headed back home. I would highly suggest going and visiting Mt. San Jacinto State Park and riding the Palm Springs Aerial Tram it was so much fun and you learn so much as well since they have two theaters, and a small nature center available for guests. I can't wait until we go back again!