Palomar Mountain State Park

It has been raining so much lately and Erik and I both saw in the weather forecast that there was finally going to be a clear day; I do love the rain especially since one can get so cozy with movies and good food but we just had to go out and hike. We went up to Palomar Mountain, one of my favorite places to hike weather in summer or winter it has very nice trails with something new to see every time.

I think everyone had our same idea because the parking lot was pretty full, we were about to park to pay for a permit when a kind man asked if we had purchased a permit yet and when I replied I was about to go buy one he simply handed us one. That was the beginning of a great day; the majority of the people were around the snow that had recently fallen so we had the trails all to ourselves.

 The fog was very thick but with the high wind there were moments where we would just stand still and see it pass by so fast as if it were a fairytale. There were moments where I would look up and I couldn’t see five steps ahead of me and then it would just be clear again like nothing. We did two different trails to take advantage of the day and they were both exactly what we needed after having to stay indoors because of the rain for so many days.