Mount San Jacinto State Park has been on our to do list for a very long time and we finally crossed it off! Erik had already been before when he was younger but it was my first time. We decided to go on a Friday, as it would be less crowded, we had been to Palm Springs earlier that week and the wait time was 3 hours long for the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up to the mountain, so we purchased our tickets online for Friday.

It has been raining so much lately and Erik and I both saw in the weather forecast that there was finally going to be a clear day; I do love the rain especially since one can get so cozy with movies and good food but we just had to go out and hike

The first day that we had in Madrid was so exciting, we got there very early in the morning and we didn’t have to check in the hotel until much later, but they were so kind and let us check in before time so that we could leave our things and start exploring.